Morphology Days in the Low Countries 2021


Morfologiedagen — Morphology Days in the Low Countries

De Morfologiedagen / Morphology Days in the Low Countries will take place online via Teams on April 22 and 23, 2021.

This year’s edition of Morfologiedagen/Morphology Days in the Low Countries hosts a range of papers on morphology in various languages ranging from Dutch and Afrikaans to Wao Tededo, as well as a special workshop on Gender and Morphology.

The workshop on Gender and Morphology focuses on two different aspects:

  • Gender and derivational (word formation) processes: explicitly female words for societal functions and roles. The theme includes sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic points of view.
  • Gender and agreement phenomena (morpho-syntax-semantics-discourse): matching and/or mismatches between grammatical and natural gender reflected in determiner choice, pronouns of various types, referential dependencies and discourse anaphors (among others). The topic includes contributions on dialectal, regional and/or historical variation.

The programme and the abstracts can be found in the menu above.


There is no registration fee. Participants are invited to register via email. Access codes and links will be forwarded along with confirmation of registration. The conference takes place via Teams. Register here or navigate to the menu above.


De Morfologiedagen / Morphology Days in the Low Countries is both a revival and a continuation of the Morphology Days that used to be an international meeting dealing with morphology, and which takes place in either the Netherlands or Belgium. The three most recent editions were organized in Louvain-la-Neuve (2017), Leuven (2015) and Leeuwarden (2013).

Organizing committee

Frank Drijkoningen, Marcelle Cole, Margot van den Berg and Josine Schaap